Remote & van dwelling lifestyle report june 2019

We went to Paris to visit my friends this June. We finally had some social life.

Guess how long we had stayed in Paris.

2 weeks!

We were so done of Paris after these 2 weeks. I didn’t mind these tourist traps as much as the discrimination there. Some Parisians were so rude to women and Asians. David also got his favorite bike stolen there.

I hope we wouldn’t go there again in our life.

But…How could we stay in Paris that long, long enough for us to hate it to our gut?

Luckily, we found a free parking on the outskirts of Paris. By taking RER, we can enter the city center in 10 minutes. We used the accommodation fee we saved to buy bubble tea and Asian food.

After these 2 weeks in Paris, I have a great suggestion for travellers: if 4 to 6 people want to spend some time in Paris, you can rent a campervan and park it in the suburbs of Paris. You can take RER to visit the center during the day and spend the night in the campervan. A cheap campervan only costs 85 euros a night. If you share the rent between 4 to 6 people, it is actually very cheap.

I document our vanlife in my instagram @tsainei


Totala expense: 2,252.31 euros

We spent a bit more than last month since David bought a 399-euro Google mobile.

However, thanks to fufu, we saved a lot more.

Theoretically, if we didn’t have fufu, how much would we spend in Paris for 2 weeks?

If we stayed in a 150 euros hotel per night, ate 20-euro meal twice a day, and spent 22.8 euros per week for the transportation, we would spend 3311.2 euros in total.

This number is astonishing! It’s even more than we spent this month.

In the chart below I list our van life expenses:

Category Euro
Food + Drink 1049.85
Diesel 171.82
Toll 84.3
Parking + Campite 36
Water 8
Internet 29.9
Laundry 16
Van Equipment 43.35
Sightseeing 233

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🌍Places we’ve been

We spent 2 weeks in Paris.

The hospitality of our friends and the love of Asian food made us stay in Paris that long.

We went to some special places in Paris, but they aren’t special enough. Therefore, I will skip them.

🍻Social life

We met my 3 friends. We didn’t go to any meetups.

One of my friends is a chef. One day she made taiwanese food for us. Her cooking is amazing and also I miss home food so much. I almost cried while eating.

Since we hung out with my friends a lot, we weren’t thinking about going to meetups to meet more people. However, we tried to find blockchain meetup in Paris, to no vail. So far we haven’t found any good blockchain meetups.




Ocho 17——我絕對不能送你!

Alcohol inspires me to write more. You can buy me a drink to support my work. Thank you! ~Buy a drink for Ni