Remote lifestyle report may 2019

I can finally share with you our life living in campervan fufu.

At first I didn’t adapt to live in a small place. I feel we fight more and I don’t like cooking for David since he is quite picky with food. However, time after time, I’m used to it now.

The best advantage we found living in fufu is that we don’t need to check into a hotel wherever we arrive. We only need to live in the campervan. The annoyance of packing and unpacking is finally away from us, yay! I even find out living in fufu make me feel more like home than traveling with our carry-ons.

This May, we traveled in the south of France. We discovered despite the high price of gasoline, France is a super Campervan-friendly country. You can find free campervan service everywhere. You can add water, throw garbage and dispose grey and black water. If you are willing to pay a small fee, you can even charge your campervan. Also, there are all kinds of campsites in France. Some are luxurious as they have a sauna, swimming pool, playground, tennis court and bar, etc. In order to let parents rest while the kids play around.

Since France is so Campervan-friendly, you can see all sorts of campervan around. We find it appealing to watch some cool campervans passing by.

You can see fufu’s progress here:@tsainei


Total:1884.67 euros


I made this table to list the expenses we spent to live on the road.

We live in fufu. We dine in restaurants or take-out every two days. We go to do the laundry in campsites every two weeks. We don’t visit sites often since we only visit sites we’re truly interested. As you can see, this is what we spent in this lifestyle. Actually, what we worry about the most is the internet. Without internet, we can’t work. Therefore, we had a router in fufu, and we put a data SIM in it. Also, we both have SIM cards in our mobile phones.

Data SIMs are expensive in France. The cheapest we found is Free, 50GB for 18.99 euros.This price includes the price of the card, every month you pay 8.99, and you can get 50 GB. Unfortunately, the SIM can’t reach the signal if you visit small cities and towns. It sucks. In the end, we found Reglo SIM: 40GB, includes the card 14.99 euros. Every month it costs 9.99 to get 40 GB of internet data. Reglo works very well in small cities and towns. We highly recommend it.

Let’s do some calculation, shall we? How much would we spend if we travel in the south of France a month without fufu?

Let’s count 31 days, as in May there are 31 days. If we stayed in 70-euro hotel and we eat in restaurant and take-away twice a day, and each meal costs a person 20 euros, how much would we spend?

4650, 4650 euros!

I’m shocked by the number and I dare not to count more.

Fufu has helpt us saved so much. Fufu is our money saver! Thank you fufu.

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🌍Places we have been

This picture showed our path. We simply travelled around the south of France.


I would like to recommend you these places we love.



(Albi’s old bridge)


albi reserve.jpeg

(The reserve next to the parking)

Albi is a touristic city. Somehow this city has a special charm, which made us stayed there for 5 days long. Normally we only stayed in a place for 2 to 3 days.

Albi provided people with its great campervan parking and free campervan service. The campervan parking space is spacious and being well taken care of. The parking is between a natural reserve and a cemetery. Maybe europeans don’t believe in ghosts, so they don’t feel uncomfortable parking there campervan there and sleep overnight. Well…I guess for many taiwanese, it is hard to digest. This parking is also quiet during weekdays. There are always many campervans around. We can look after each other, which makes us feel very secure.

There are tons of things we enjoy in the city. We love walking around in the city center, buying cheese in the market, picnicking while seeing the river and enjoying the view of the reserve…It is so nice that we were so sad to leave there.



beziers boat.jpeg

(We rent a boat to drive around. I was so bad at driving it that it almost it the river banks.)

boat canal.jpeg

(Many tourists come to Beziers to see the water-gates work.)

As midi canal passing by, Beziers was once a rich and busy city. Now the population is shrinking and many houses are deserted, since midi canal doesn’t serve so much for the economic as in the old days. The city is slowing dying. Even though, the city is still very adorable.

There are some tourists, mostly frech. They like to walk around midi canal. Many people drive their boats here. Some of them live in the boats, travel wherever the water goes. This is another romantic lifestyle.

##👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽Le puy

le puy.jpeg

(The church on the volcano)

Le puy is on the way to Camino de Santiago. Therefore, you can see pilgrims there. This city is beautiful due to this religious atmosphere. The only disadvantage is that we could not find good food in restaurants.

##👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽Puy de Dôme

le puy dome.jpeg

(Many people are playing hang gliding on the top)

Puy de Dôme is the famous volcano in the department Puy de Dôme. Yes, the place is named after the volcano. We parked fufu next to a farm 3 kilometers away from the volcano. Once we arrived, David went biking while I walked around. Due to the lack of internet signal, we could not communicate with each other. I thought we were going to meet at the top of the volcano,so I walked all the way up to the volcano. Well, he only planned to bike in the forest, so with no doubt I could not see him. Eventually, I walked back to fufu. I walked 12 kilometers on that day, includes climbing the very steep slope to the top. Though I felt exhausted, I feel a great satisfaction of achievement.



It’s a small and adorable town. We loved biking around the river banks. There is a friendly swan. Whenever it sees people, it swims towards them and begged for food. We fed him some veggies.

##👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽Caves de Roquefort Société


(We took a picture with the mix of sheep milk and mushrooms. I called this ‘cheese babies, as they haven’t yet become cheese)

Since we are fans of blue cheese, we must visit the origin of Roquefort. Roquefort is a kind of blue cheese grows in natural caves. If you visit Roquefort town, you can pay a visit to these natural caves.

During the visit, the guide will show you small parts of the 12,000m2 caves and tell you the history and making process of Roquefort. However, the most important part is the cheese tasting in the end. Don’t miss it if you’re around.

🍻Social life

We made 0 friends and went to 0 meetups

As living in fufu and we don’t like to walk people, we didn’t make any new friends. The people we met in campsites and campervan parkings are either old people, people with kids or ‘perro flautas’. We feel we are too different, so we didn’t talk to them.

Sometimes, some foreigners saw our spanish plate would come to talk to us in spanish. However, we were shy, we only responded shorty and ended the conversation. They must find these spanish very cold, not as they expected.


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