Remote lifestyle report march 2019

We finished our campervan! After doing the paperwork, we can live on the road. You can see our progress in Istagram:@tsainei


Total 1280.512 expenses.jpeg

The most we spent was the bike holder. It cost approximately 400 euros.

Due to its size, our campervan fufu can’t visit everywhere. For example, we can’t drive on narrow roads and crowded cities. We have to park the van somewhere, and then travel in bikes.

With the bike holder, we can carry the bikes in the back.

We started to sleep inside fufu. The mattress is super comfortable. If David doesn’t try to steal my space at night, I will sleep so much better.


🌍Places we have been:

We stayed in Torremolinos making fufu.

We went to the secret Chinese restaurant. It is hidden in a deserted mall/ apartment in the center of Torremolinos. The restaurant is also the owner’s house. She makes authentic Chinese food. She hand-makes Raman, xiao long bao and dumpling. All are super tasty.

I thought only Mandarin speakers know about this restaurant. Somehow when I took David’s sister and her boyfriend for dinner, I saw some Spanish eating there. Though they couldn’t really communicate with the owner, who barely speaks Castellano, they still made small conversation with gestures and a mix of Castellano, English, Mandarin and a Chinese language. After the conversation, the owner gave the Spanish her dinner as appetizer. It was such fun seeing them chatting.


(Raman costs 4 euros)

🍻Social life:​

We didn’t go to any social events. ​​


I was lazy. I didn’t write many articles, but I spent quite some time writing about my experience playing Tinder雖然我在tinder認識另一半,但我想跟你說…——使用交友軟體應該知道的6件事. I hope I could help others with my personal insight and experience.


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