7 things you should know before living on the road

Once we had the idea to live on the road, we spent lots of time trying to get ready for the great journey. Based on our experience, these are the 7 things you should know before you live on the road:

1.Say Goodbye to Comfort

Living in a van is far less comfortable than living at home. If you’re used to the comfort and convenience of living at home, you better think twice before making a decision.

Since we have been traveling around with little personal stuff and we are accustomed to the nomadic lifestyle, we actually find living in a van an upgrade of our life. Finally we can own more things!

2.What Do You Need in the Van?

How many people are going to live in the van? Are you carrying a pet? Do you want a fixed bathroom in the van? Do you need heater or air-conditioner? …

We need a living room, a small fixed bathroom, a fixed double bed, a kitchen and a heater in the van. We want to make the van as comfortable as we can.

3.Which Van Suits you?

What kind of van meets all of your needs?

We would love to have a FIAT Ducato. It should be tall enough, so both of us can stand inside.

4.Budget and Maintenance Costs

Once you have a rough idea, you can set your budget and save maintenance fee.

5.We plan to spend 10000 euros on the van and spend around 10000 on the facilities.

Learn Basic Mechanical Skills You need basic mechanical skills to deal with minor van problems.

6.Make ends meet

You should at least make ends meet.

We work remotely and have stable income. So far we don’t need to worry about our expenses.

7.Do You Really Like to Live in a Van?

Though you have tons of ideas about living on the road, the critical thing you should do is rent the kind of van you would like to have for a few days to see if it is as good as you imagine. We suggest you try it at least twice, once in summer and the other in winter. Therefore, you will be able to know how it feels like living in the van in extreme weather.

We took two van trips! The first time turned out bad, but the second time was great.