Remote lifestyle report july 2019

**We encountered 2 heat waves this July. This July we were stressed, since my family is coming to meet my hubby’s family in August, and we insisted to plan their trip to save more money; we spent a lot of time making sure the trip is well planned. Also, I skyped with my family to teach them how to take care of their belongings and Spanish culture. **

I was very anxious because my family is living in a very safe place, where people can leave their computers and money in coffee shops alone, and nothing bad will happen. Yeah, Taiwan is so safe that when we go abroad, we usually don’t take extra care of our valuables. There’s so much to teach them! ​ You can follow my Instagram to see our trips: @tsainei


Total expense:1092.19 euros.july expense.jpeg ​ We didn’t travel a lot and we ate mostly in fufu, so we didn’t spend a lot of money. ​ I made a chart to list our van-life expenses: ​ Screenshot from 2019-09-29 12-56-59.png

​ You can see we spent less than last month. Somehow we spent a lot in camping sites and internet because we were in places where there’s no cheap internet SIM and free rv services are scarce. ​

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🌍Places we’ve been​

We visited an old steel factory. Its atmosphere fascinated us. We decided to make our wedding photos there.

Where did we go when there’s heat wave? We genuinely suggest you not to stay in the van when it’s 40 degrees, you should find some shadows and somewhere with AC. It’s so hard for us to find a place in the heat. We are grateful that we don’t have any pets. It’s already hard to take care of ourselves. If we have pets with us, it’s even harder to find a place.

During the first heat wave, we were in a city. We spent the day in Mcdonald’s, using their WIFI and enjoying the AC till 5 or 6 o’clock. Later we drove to another place.​ We have AC while driving, so it wasn’t terrible to stay in FuFu.

We did our research before the second heat wave, we knew it might be 38 degrees in the city, so we went to the mountains. It was around 33 degrees up there. We found a perfect hiking trail parking next to public toilets. We were working under the shadow of a building during the day. When it was cooler, we went for some hiking. Even though it wasn’t so hot in the mountain, I often went to the toilet to use it’s cool spring water to wash my head to cool down. ​ After this experience, we decided to go more north next year. ​

🍻Social Life

We met my 2 friends, and we made a new friend. ​ We went to my friend’s, drank beer with my multilanguage guru friend, and had a coffee with a girl whom I met on FB. ​


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Alcohol inspires me to write more. You can buy me a drink to support my work. Thank you! Buy a drink for Ni


Written on September 29, 2019