Remote lifestyle report february 2019

We were busy and had lots of fun in February. We went to some meeting and met some new friends. Without doubt, we’re still making the campervan(FuFu). Besides, we spent a special day in our life. Therefore, I added a new section, love life.

We will finish FuFu soon. We hope to hit the road this April. I can’t wait to leave the house. I am tired of living with David’s parents. They’re nice, but living in others’ house isn’t comfortable at all.


Total 2321.86 euros.

2 expenses.jpeg

We spent a lot this month. The main expense is still on our FuFu. The worst was that spent extra money to buy another water heater.

We wanted to hire someone to install the gas. A guy came and said our original water heater doesn’t abide by the regulation. Hence, we bought another one, which cost us 514.61 euros. That guy was very strange. We thought we could hire him to install our gas. Somehow he only came to see our FuFu and chatted to us for an hour. After the visit, he kind of disappeared. He was always busy and could not come to install the gas. It’s hard to find a person to install the gas for us. We’re worried about the progress.

We’ve been working on FuFu for 3 months. Do you wonder how much we have spent? 17198.91 euros! This includes the second van price, insurance and the fee to hire Mr. D. OMG we almost spent 20,000 euros. We hope in the end we would spend less than 20,000.

Do you want to see our progress? You can see it here:@tsainei

van price.jpeg

🌍Where we’ve been:

We stayed in Torremolinos most of the time. We have only been to Málaga once.

We still have gone to a cool place in Torremolinos My new Taiwanese friends took us to a secret Chinese restaurant. It is hidden in a discarded shopping mall/ apartment. My friend said that owner makes super delicious and authentic Chinses food. Unluckily, when we went, the owner went back to China for New Year. We only had a look at the mall.

🍻Social life:

We went to 3 activities and met 10 people. Sadly, we only met 5 people privately. I think I am closer to the 3 Taiwanese, so I would say I make 3 new friends.

We met 2 Taiwanese and their boyfriends for hot pot. One of the girls invited us to a blockchain event in Málaga. The event wasn’t so good, but we met another Taiwanese there. To my surprise, there are quite many Taiwanese living in Málaga. Málaga is a nice place to live. However, it’s hard to find well paid job here. Many young people have left the city and find better opportunities in bigger cities or abroad.

The last activity we went was eating with David’s aunt and uncle The Bilbao government treated them a trip to Torremolinos. Therefore, they went from the rainy and cold north to the warm south to visit David’s mom. They didn’t visit many places while traveling here. Everyday they came to chat with David’s parents. They chat a lot and drink lots of coffee and alcohol. Before they left, we went to a famous restaurant in the mountain,Venta Ventorrillo Santa Clara. We tried the local food of Málaga, Plato de los montes。

plato de los montes.jpeg

(Plato de los montes the picture is from the reataurant’s fanpage. The food is quite greasy. I don’t like it much)


(Buñuelos de berenjena con miel. This is my favorite dish. I always order it when eating there.)

💖Love life:

Valentine’s Day happened to be our 1000th day of acquaintance. Too bad we’re still busy making FuFu. We didn’t have time to celebrate. We even haven’t celebrated David’s birthday which was last December. In the end we spent a night dining in a pizza restaurant to celebrate his birthday. The pizza wasn’t so good. We were very disappointed.

💻Work productivity:

​ David is busy everyday. He spent the day making FuFu and the night working on his job. Since I have no idea how to use these dangerous machines, I don’t help much make FuFu. I basically hand him in the tools and clean the place. I want to find another job. Hence, I spent the night studying. Though I am not as busy as David, I am busy in some way.

I wrote 10 articles this month.Remote lifestyle report january 2019 2019年1月遠距生活摘要在西班牙考DELE A2西班牙語檢定——考試準備與應考經驗and 輕鬆準備DELE A2西班牙語檢定——西班牙電視劇、電影和西語Podcast廣播推薦were quite popular. I was very happy about this progress.

I asked David to update my Github blog. My Github blog is getting better :)

English Remote lifestyle report january 2019


吃了卻一點也不happy的happy pizza——寮國旺陽食用大麻初體驗

Ocho 17 ——你要不要跟我媽媽說話?



申請西班牙國籍 — — 語言和文化考試(DELE A2 & CCSE)準備與應考經驗分享

在西班牙考DELE A2西班牙語檢定——考試準備與應考經驗

輕鬆準備DELE A2西班牙語檢定——西班牙電視劇、電影和西語Podcast廣播推薦


寮國旺陽初體驗—吃了卻一點也不Happy的Happy Pizza 


Written on March 19, 2019