Remote lifestyle report december 2018

We finally found a van on the 12th of december. After buying this van (FIAT Ducato 2014), we started converting it into a campervan. Though we’re busy everyday, we were satisfied with the progress.


Total:15109.57 euros

The main expense was the cost of the van: 9000 euros. Besides, we spent 5175.92 for van conversion.


🌍Where we’ve been:

We didn’t go to anywhere special. We went to Bricomart and Leroy Merlin to buy tools almost everyday.

🍻Social life:

David went to a meetup to meet his university friends. I didn’t go to any events.


Now we’re focusing on our van. David still does his job, but he doesn’t need to spend a lot of time in it.

I started Live On The Road (@tsainei). I post all of our process.

I’ve written 9 articles:




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Written on January 2, 2019