Remote lifestyle report august 2019

We were on an emotional roller coaster this month.

My family came to travel and visit David’s family for 2 weeks. I was worried they might get stolen, robbed or scammed in Spain. If you’ve been to Taiwan, you would notice that we don’t really know how to protect ourselves from these things. Taiwan is too safe.

Also, we worried about the big family meeting. My parents and David’s don’t have any languages in common. I wonder how do they communicate. Luckily, things went well and our families got along.


Total: 1616.79 euros

This is the table of our vanlife expenses in August:


Our families paid for the 2-week trip, so we saved quite a lot. However, fufu broke down at the end of August. That money was meant to be spent though.

One small pipe was broken, and then it made the particle filter dirty.We were lucky to find a good mechanic. They were honest and skillful. However, the mechanic could only change the pipe at that time. He suggested us to change or clean it as soon as possible before it causes bigger problems.

While we were waiting for the new pipe to arrive, we had to live a few days without water, since fufu couldn’t work at all.

When living in a van, you can’t always have enough water. Sometimes you can’t shower for days. Thanks to my genes and dry air in Europe, I don’t smell at all.

In total, we spent 634.16 to fix fufu.

We truly hope it wouldn’t break again. We don’t want to spend so much.

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🌍Places We’ve Been

When we planned my family’s trip, David insisted to take us to Salamanca.

His decision was right. Salamanca wasn’t too hot in summer. It’s old town has such a breathtaking view. At night, it’s filled with young people and fun fiestas. What a beautiful and energetic old city!

🍻Social Life

My family and David’s met in Bilbao. David’s 97 year-old grandmother and other 20 family members went to meet us. We travelled, drank coffee and eat together.

We thought it would be horrible, but it turned out to be a great experience.


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Alcohol inspires me to write more. You can buy me a drink to support my work. Thank you! Buy A Drink For Tsai Nei

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